How to Play

VIDEO TUTORIAL - hobby shops can CLICK HERE to see a short video tutorial on how to run the Panini NHL Player of the Day promotion in their shop

Instructions for Hobby Shop

Step 1: Display the 2014 Panini NHL Player of the Day poster and counter-card and advertise the promotion to your customers.

Step 2: Nathan MacKinnon and Nail Yakupov – members of the Panini NHL Dual Rookie Class - will serve as the Wild Cards throughout the promotion. Their card images are marked as Wild Cards on the posters.

Step 3: On the first day of the promotion, place a red sticker or check mark next to the first player pictured on the poster and counter card (Alex Ovechkin) to indicate him as the Panini NHL Player of the Day. Each day, change the Player of the Day to next player (Henrik Zetterberg, etc) by moving the sticker. Make sure the poster and counter-card always feature the same Player of the Day.

How To Play**

Step 1: Customer can enter by purchasing a pack of 2013-14 Panini NHL Cards. (*see below)

Step 2: To win, the customer must purchase and then open a pack of 2013-14 Panini NHL trading cards in front of a store employee. If they “pull” the highlighted Panini NHL Player of the Day or a Wild Card they win a prize. We recommend only allowing each customer to win a maximum of two prizes per day. Award them a prize from the merchandising kit and enter their name on the winners list. If a customer buys a box of cards but does not want to open it in the store, it is acceptable to award them a prize and enter them on the winner’s list. In a box they will more than likely uncover the Player of the Day or a Wild Card.

Step 3: Four times during the promotion the hobby shop owners must randomly select one of the daily winners as a weekly prize winner. Award all necessary prizes to all "weekly" winners.

Step 4: At the conclusion of the 30-day in-store promotion, the hobby shop owners will randomly select one collector as the Panini NHLPOD Grand Prize winner. They should be awarded the shop Grand Prize of an exclusive Panini NHLPOD autographed card and/or another item from the promotional kit.

Step 5: The shop owner must submit the name of the store winner into the National Sweepstakes. The shop winner is not entered into the National Sweepstakes unless this form is submitted.

*OTHER: See official rules provided to each hobby shop for No Purchase Necessary Option.

** Prize structure in each shops is determined by the individual store owner